So here is an unscripted post.  Meaning that I did not spend a lot of time thinking about it, nor editing it before I clicked on the ‘publish’ button.

But I was eating a muffin made for me by a friend, and she said that she put no sugar in it, nor any ingredients that contained a lot of natural sugar, i.e. dates, raisins…etc

So I ate one, I ate another, and I said to myself, something is missing.  So I open the refrigerator and find a small stick of butter leftover from at least 1 month ago.  I cut off a slice, stick it inside another muffin and eat it.

Then all of a sudden my brain sends to me a “I am full” signal.

Coincidence? Perhaps.  Worth a shot? Yes.

You see, food companies have applied the theories and ways of the Tobacco companies, which by the way have purchased or acquired a lot of these ‘food producers’ and they have studied very deeply what to do to food to make you want to buy more.  And what have they done? They have removed the ingredients that tell your brain to stop eating more, that your body has received the adequate nutrients so that you no longer have to eat more.

But that is bad for profits… so they – whether intentionally, or unintentionally – have removed the most vital ingredients and replaced them with cheap alternatives, or decreased them to trace amounts, such that your brain never gets the ‘I am full of nutrients’ signal, and it demands that you eat more.

Long story short.  You need butter, you need fat, you need some carbs, and you need some protein.  When you eat a muffin that has no fat, but is full of carbs and protein, your body (or brain) says to you, eat more John.  I got a lot of carbs and protein from this muffin, and just a little too much of fat.  So eat more of these muffins until we have enough fat.

Anyway, food for thought… no pun intended.  And this is another example of your mind and gut telling you to do what is right.

In conclusion, eat more butter, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and any other oil that is traditional to indigenous cultures, and watch how fast you eat less of your favorite processed food ‘products’!

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