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Hello and Goodbye

And Zeus told Hera, “bring me some ambrosia, and don’t overcook it like you did this morning!”  Whether ancient times or modern times, people eat whatever is served to them.  We don’t think about what we eat (Rodin excluded), we don’t think about the ingredients in our food and where they came from.  Once in a while we come across the discriminating eaters, the prejudiced belly, the adjective obsessed!  This is the story about a person who thinks “no” before the question is born.  He reads the alternative to the alternative news, he pukes on the FDA, he inspects every cow before having their milk, and most of all he says “no!”  When John walks into a corporate supermarket it is simply “hello” and “goodbye.”  What happened to Hera and Zeus, was there any high fructose corn syrup in the ambrosia?  I guess you will have to stay tuned!



Hello earth!

People used to say Hello World, they used to ride a horse to work, and used to kill only what they could eat.  Since we are going back to basics in many ways, we too have decided to say hello earth!