Sugar and Indifference

So listen to this video, Hans Wilhelm makes the case that the sugar trade is what perpetuated the slave trade.

While I personally agree with what he is saying, and I understand that many people will think this is ‘far out’ or ‘weird’.

However… look at it this way – sugar is so addictive and gives such a strong signal to our brain that we would not care if people are turned into slaves just so we can eat it…

And where I disagree with Hans Wilhelm is in his case for Veganism. Check out for more information about that.

However… like the movie “The Lion King” explained, we must respect the cycle of life, and our true food is meat,,,,

Flashback 1999: Sugar is Fine

I somehow stumbled upon an old article in The Guardian that is pro-sugar! I had to take a look at it. Anyway, here is a link to the article:

“Pure, White and no longer quite so deadly…”

The article was not clear on how sugar is not as bad as we think. But I have different beliefs and I find it interesting how public opinion changes and evolves.

Anyway, do some reading on Professor John Yudkin and his book “Pure, White and Deadly”:

Carnivore Diet Reading

So now the Carnivore Diet is no longer a joke for me or something I am playing around with just for fun, it is something that I am now taking very seriously. Here are some resources that I am looking at:

Dr. Shawn Baker

This guy posts a video of himself doing some heavy lifting each morning followed by him eating some steaks that he pulls out of some interesting machine. He is the one that has convinced me that this diet is safe and effective. I found out about him by listening to his interview on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Carnivore Aurelius

I follow him on twitter and he has some great quotes all day long.

Carnivore Keto Coach

This guy used to be very obese and has turned his life around by following a Carnivore Keto diet, which I understand is some sort of hybrid of both diets. This guy is amazing because he turned his life around and is posting his results online.


This reddit page or ‘sub’ or whatever kids call it these days has a dump of all the information in the world – literally – regarding the Carnivore Diet. Are you skeptical because there are no studies? One should be linked here. Are you skeptical because of cholesterol? You will find the answer here. Check it out.

Carnivore Diet Guide to Athens

In Greece when you say rare, it really means medium well. when you say medium well, it means well done, and finally, when you say well-done, it means burned.

I’m sure there are many cultural reasons to explain this, but when it comes to eating beef in Greece, this has to change.

So… here is what you will do when you go to Greece. Find a place that serves beef and order it by saying “American Rare”, or “Αμερικανικο Rare” (Amerikaniko Rare). The server will give you a weird look and warn you about the risks and blah blah blah. The butcher and/or chef will show you a huge genuine smile and look forward to preparing the meat for you. They are not used to people ordering their beef rare and they get excited whenever it is requested.

My Top Pick: ERGON House Athens

Address: 23, Mitropoleos Street, Athina 105 57, Greece

Ergon has a small grocery section where you can buy some milk, butter, cold cuts and even caviar in addition to your usual supermarket staples such as pasta, bread, mustard…etc

The front is the ideal place for having a business lunch and once the butcher opens at noon you can pick from a wide array of American, Argentinian, and Greek meats, and have it cooked for you to your liking.

I ordered the beef liver and asked them to hold the potatoes and to cook it ‘american rare’. From my experiences in Greece this summer, asking for rare is not enough, you have to make sure that you really mean rare because in Greece the people are used to cooking their meat well-done. And yes… you should have seen the look on the face of my waittress when I said ‘American rare’ and to hold the potatoes… “don’t you want a salad to balance out all that meat?”. And you should have seen the look on the butchers face. Huge smile of delight and excitement!

Quick Bite: Kostas (Come Early)

Pl. Agias Irinis 2, Athina 105 60, Greece

Kosta is a short walk from ERGON. Everything here tasted great. I recommend you get the souvlaki pita with everything except the tomato sauce.

In the Suburbs: Kozis

P. Tsaldari 34, Melissia 151 27, Greece

Kozi’s is a South African steakhouse with some really good cuts of meat from both Greece and abroad. If you are near the Marousi area, you must go. And I recommend the Greek beef cooked rare. You will not have to tell them ‘american rare’, but I think that will drive the point further and will excite your server and chef alike.

Now most tourists spend a few days in Athens before going to an island. I usually spend some days in Athens and then I go to Chania, the easternmost city of Crete.

In Crete: Pork to Beef to Wild

Daskalogianni 68, Chania 731 00, Greece

This place is open late – until 6am – and likes to think of itself as fast-food. Don’t let that fool you because this place is anything but fast-food in the ‘american’ sense of the word. The chicken is from Greece, the pork from The Netherlands, and the Beef from Argentina. Again, I ordered the beef and asked them to hold the bread and all other sides. I ordered it rare but it came to me ‘american medium’, and since then I started using the phrase ‘american rare’. The beef was very tasty and the presentation was interesting:

Se anammena karvouna

24, Chatzimichali Giannari 20, Chania 731 55, Greece

Comes in as a close second to Pork to Beef to Wild. Again, ask them to hold the bread.

Back to Athens, I did not get a chance to check out these places:


Lepeniotou and, Agatharchou, Athina 105 54, Greece

A southern themed BBQ place but with a twist – Greek craft beer.

Another Place for Beer: Athena’s Cook

20 Nikis, Athina 105 57, Greece

Athena’s Cook has beer from all over Greece. Last time I went there back in 2016 I remember trying a bunch and whatever I snacked on was good.

#CarnivoreDiet Update

So I have been experimenting with the Carnivore Diet on and off since around mid-January of this year (2019, for those of us visiting from the future).

I started off the year at at roughly 205 pounds and have been holding at a steady 190 pounds since then. Additionally I have been going to the gym every day during lunch, where all I do is 3 or 4 machines. (I have doing this religiously since the summer of 2018) I do not track which machines I do, nor do I look to hit a certain muscle group or part of my body. I just try to give each machine my best or “my all” and the rule I follow is simply to work out whatever is not sore.

I also avoid working on my legs because I play soccer on the weekends and that is enough to work those muscles out.

My ab muscles are starting to show and I have lost a lot of fat around my body and my face looks slimmer.

Two days ago I found a doctor who is a big advocate of the Carnivore Diet. Yes, he is a dentist, and no I am not trying to mislead you – do I look like a Big Pharma rep? Anyway, he said that one should not do Carnivore Diet with Intermittent Fasting (IF), which is exactly what I have been doing. He said that whenever your body is malnourished or needs something, it speaks to you. One way is through hunger, another is through stress, or depression or just feeling tired.

Since I am very accustomed to my Intermittent Fasting Routine, this is never really an issue for me, however there are some days that I just want to eat before my usual 6pm which is after I have gotten home after work and have settled in.

Anyway, here is his site, check him out!

And some recent meals…

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#carnivorediet #nofilter still going strong

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Carnivore Diet – for real?

So I told someone at my favorite Greek supermarket in Astoria, Queens (Titan Foods – that I am playing around with the carnivore diet just as a joke. She replies to me that eating just meat sounds more like a cheat day every day.

Now I am reading more about it and I am finding a lot of evidence for it. Take this chart of constipation vs fiber intake:



And this persons testimony:

I have been doing carnivore as much as I can during the week since mid-January. I started the year off at 210 pounds and am now 188. My abs are starting to show again, my upper body is gaining mass, and last Sunday I saw someone who says I look younger now than I did 10 years ago the last time he spent a lot of time with me while I was serving on the board of a Greek social club.

Anyway, I also combine the carnivore diet with intermittent fasting and I try as hard as possible to buy grass-fed cuts, I eat it with all the fat and I buy all kinds of organ meats.

And yes, when I say carnivore diet, I mean carnivore diet, not meat and potatoes, not meat and broccoli, just meat.

Grassfed Beef

Here is another site that sells grass-fed beef.

You can order online or search for local retailers.

By the way, if you live in Queens, NY, check out Queens Natural Meats, you will need a car to get there, but if you are up for the journey, call before you go to make sure they have enough of what you are looking for – because grass-fed beef is rare and they don’t always have everything in stock!

Queens Natural Meats:

And while you are there, be sure to check out the Queens Health emporium:

I love the Queens Health Emporium, because everytime I go there I see the intense diversity of New York City and witness the fact that all traditional/ethnic cultures value the same things, and these things lead to a health and happy and fulfilling lifestyle!

And if you are a technophile like myself, a MicroCenter is also nearby…

Cold Brew vs Burned Brew Coffee

According to NPR, a California Judge has tentatively ruled that coffee must carry a cancer warning label due to a chemical that is produced during the roasting process.  If you read the entire article you will see that this same chemical also causes reproductive toxicity.  I don’t know if that means it harms a pregnancy or if that means something else, but either way it does not sounds good.

The bad news however, is that the lawsuit was filed 10 years ago.  This means it took 10 years to get the word out that exposing coffee beans to high temperatures is unhealthy.

I have already heard this before from numerous health “nuts”.  They all basically say the same thing – that cooking destroys the nutrient content of your food and the higher temperature you use the worse the food gets.  We have heard of the studies published in the early aughts that charred and well-done meat contains a cancer-causing chemical, again – generated from the high temperatures, but I still see people ordering their steak or burger well done.

Some may say, “but John, what about E. Coli?” and I respond – if you are scared your meat may have E. Coli, you should not be eating it in the first place, you should only be eating clean meat that was raised in as much of a humane way as possible, and that meat will almost certainly have a lower incidence of E. Coli.

Now for some anecdotal evidence.  Do you have any friends that drink cold brew coffee only? If so, ask them why.  Do you also have any friends that if they drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach say to you that their stomach hurts because they have acid-reflux disease? Well, I got news for you, acid-reflux is not a disease, it is a reaction of your body to too much acid and other toxic stuff being introduced in to your body.

So what should you do? Stick to cold brew…

Coffee causes cancer, I thought you knew. Starting from tomorrow, drink some cold brew!

Good Cooking Oil vs. Bad Cooking Oil

As a big fan of Dr. Cate Shanahan, I frequently check her book “Deep Nutrition” and her website whenever I want to check whether something is good or bad, and today I was reading about cooking Chinese Food and I checked her site.

So Peanut Oil and Sesame Oil are both okay to eat!

Here is a link to a beautiful infographic:

List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad

For those wondering, my favorite Chinese dish is Ma Po Tofu and it is my dream to learn how to make this myself completely from scratch without using a single preservative or otherwise “bad” ingredient, and I am currently reading this article about it –

Ma Po Tofu in Chinese: 麻婆豆腐

(I tried zooming in and drawing these characters today, it was fun)