Do You Eat Veal? CAFO Spotted…

I found this post in my drafts… I never posted it, but it shows how during the lockdown a lot of us were getting cabin fever, myself included. Anyway:

With the quarantine we have all been spending a lot of time at home, whether it is with our families or roommates or whatever, this has taken a severe toll on our mental health.

Whether it is depression, alcoholism, or just a bad case of ‘cabin fever’ I want you to think to yourself if you are more healthy or less healthy right now. If an alien spaceship arrived from outer space right now and had a choice of eating you or some indigenous person, who do you think would have more nutrients in their system and who do you think they would choose?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Having us quarantined has made us suffer a lot, kind of like what baby cows go through that are sold to us under the label of veal.

Do you think eating the nutrients of an animal that is quarantined for its entire life is healthy for you? (Technically when you eat food that is lacking in nutrients you end up eating more and your body stores the excess food as fat)

Anyway, I was recently on a road trip – taking the scenic route from Niagara Falls, NY to Rochester, NY and I started seeing what I thought was a series of veal farms. So I loaded the camera app on my phone and took some risky photos while driving. The following Google map confirms what I saw:

#PETA, here is your next target!

As a follower of the keto diet, I am with you!

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