Eat Meat Once a Week… or Twice

Back in the day, in the United States of America, meat was produced the way it is supposed to be. That is with cows grazing in the fields, chickens poking their beaks in the mud, scratching the dirt, eating a pebble or two from time to time. This process resulted in high-quality meat, at high-quality prices. Ever hear the expression that nothing worth working for or fighting for is easy? Because it is true.

Now things have changed, and meat is mass-produced, cows no longer graze in the fields, chickens – although they may be labeled “cage-free” – are still living neck-in-neck with other chickens. Pigs can barely move in their pens. This is the result of big corporations making profit their number one priority, not quality and this also brings us very cheap meat. As a result, now we can afford to eat meat everyday, and what is the result? We are the sickest nation in the world.

Now go back to “back in the day” and tell me what was different? Meat was more expensive, a lot more expensive, so people just ate meat less frequently, and people were healthier, people were thinner, people were happier. That is because the human body was not made to eat meat every single day, it was made to eat meat once per week. Oh, and don’t forget the best part, the meat tasted good! You didn’t have to load it up with a bunch of sauces just so you could eat.

So switch to a plant-based diet, eat less meat, not no meat, but less and higher quality meat. If this sounds hard to you, that is because it is worth it. You will stop straining your stomach, if you have acid-reflux, obesity, or feel lethargic all the time, your body will start to heal itself and those problems will start to fade away. With all the money that you save, use it to buy higher quality meat. I like telling my friends the following analogy:

If you had Rolls Royce car, whenever you stopped at a gas station would you put the cheapest gas in the tank? Whenever you had to change the oil, would you put the cheapest oil in?

The answer is no… so your body is the equivalent of a Rolls Royce, so please tell me, why are you putting the cheapest meat in your body?

See the following infographic courtesy of Positive Health Wellness

Positive Health Wellness

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