Heirloom Tomatoes

Just back from our (or rather John’s) weekly trip to Queens Farm and then Whole Foods.  Even though the kitchen was overloaded with tomatoes, eggplants, and other local treats we bought heirloom tomatoes.  And here I am thinking to myself, yet another phrase that the mom and pop organic industry is spreading to make me think they are on the cutting edge of whatever it is we should be eating to stay healthy and keep them in business.  But I was wrong.  A quick Google search led me to wikipedia (why didn’t I just search wikipedia?) where there was an article on heirloom tomatoes.  Heritage, or heirloom tomatoes are not genetically modified (unless indicated otherwise).  They reproduce automatically which is great cause I like my organic food to be on auto-pilot so long as it does pull a Little Shop of Horrors on me and turn the food chain on its back.  Now it is time to start eating the food we bought because alas the trouble with organic food is that you can’t store it for the winter!

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