Hipster Trivia Questions

Are you having a trivia night? Tired of the same old questions? Well… here are some questions for you to spice up your trivia night.


Q: What does CSA stand for?

A: Community Supported Agriculture

B: Crop Sharing Agreement

C: Confederate States of America

D: None of the above

Answer: A. Like a Food COOP, a CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is when a group of neighbors, get together and give money to a close by farm at the start of a planting season.  The farm uses the money to plant seeds and pay for local farm labor and when the harvest is ready, a truck delivers equal amounts of everything in modestly sized boxes to all members throughout the city where CSAs are located.  This results in less fuel being spent to deliver the produce, and cuts out the middle man.  Additionally, the produce is non-GMO and organic, without having to rely on large/evil corporations to deliver the food to you.


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