The first time I had Kambucha, I saw the stuff on the bottom and thought “shake well before opening” which of course turned into, “clean up time!”

There are various people who say this is good for you and today I had two bottles of GT Kombucha; one Lavendar and one Hibiscus.  I have no idea what any of that is.  But the nasty taste with various ad-laden websites say it is good for the liver.  It does have alcohol in it (less than 0.5%) and if you let it ferment (not sure if you need an oak barrel or if it has to be bourbon based) it turns into a higher percentage alcohol (like 0.6%).

Kombucha makes a cameo in one of my favorite TV Shows, Bored to Death Season 1, Episode 7.  The specific quote is when Jonathan and Ray are in a recently abandoned Park Slope apartment.

Jonathan: The only thing that I found in the kitchen is an unopened bottle of kombucha tea..why would they leave this? This stuff is great and so expensive!

I did have a small box of Chick-fill-A which is the fast food industry’s response to “I want more !@#$ to eat.”  This food sucks and I don’t know what is in it but I am sure it had no meat in it or anything that didn’t come out of a factory.


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