Local, Grass-Fed Beef (and other meat) in Astoria, Queens

So I was walking down Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria, Queens on my way to a coffee shop to meet some friends, and I glance inside a store front called “Natures Taste” which had lots of words such as “Organic,” “Grass-Fed,” and other words/phrases of interest to a guy like me.

I stop inside and ask a few questions, all of whose answers made me very happy.  This store has lots of frozen meats, and traditional Greek food such as Gyro’s, souvlakia and sheftalia (traditional Cypriot sausage).  They told me that all of their meat comes from their farm which is out in Long Island.  I asked them what the name of the farm is and they said “L.I. Ranch.”  I told them I would google it and come back after Greek Easter to try some of their excellent food.

Now, Greek’s celebrate Easter this year on Sunday, April 12th (2015), so tomorrow or some time next week I will stop in, take some pictures and buy some excellent meat and report on the quality!

In the meantime, see how they are listed on LocalHarvest:


and take a look at their Satellite photo on Google Maps here:

Now from that photo this place looks like an actual farm and not one of those CAFO operations.  For the newly educated people on health food, CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation.  Notice how the Google satellite has some animals clearly shown walking around and grazing.  Also notice how the grass is not a “perfect green” that happens because animals actual walk around on graze on that grass.  Contrast this to Industrial Farms where the animals aren’t allowed to graze on the grass, but instead are kept inside a big hen house.

I honestly don’t know if this Bell & Evans video is intended to make one want to buy their food or not, but take a look at this video, although Bell & Evans is doing a much better job than the conventional Chicken farm, watching this video should serve as a warning as to what happens in places worse than Bell & Evans!


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