Yogurt from John from Milk from Goat

Tonight may be my last bowl of yogurt for the night.  The only certainty is that it’s my first.  I know it’s always five o’clock somewhere but I think I am out of time zones and my goose is cooked.  What was I saying?  Ah yes, the yogurt.  Words fail, but my stomach and mouth don’t; I keep eating.  This is sounding like a commercial but without the camera, the audience, or anything to sell so I guess it’s more like reality tv without the tv.  This yogurt keeps giving me amnesia.  The second I taste it, I love it, then I step to the computer, you know that bright thing, and then I forget it all.  So I built this auto-feeding mechanism, similar to what they use to make foie gras from tofurky.  Moving along, it’s almost like gum, in its texture visually, you would think it’s rubbery the way the spoon pulls it from the bowl.  That’s all deceit.  Couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The taste, the flavor is amazing, like a Greek Easter combined with a techno rave all in your mouth.  Like all lousy analogies all wrapped up.  Tasty, tasty, tasty, it is good, it is good.  If you don’t eat this, you haven’t lived.


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