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Cold Brew vs Burned Brew Coffee

According to NPR, a California Judge has tentatively ruled that coffee must carry a cancer warning label due to a chemical that is produced during the roasting process.  If you read the entire article you will see that this same chemical also causes reproductive toxicity.  I don’t know if that means it harms a pregnancy or if that means something else, but either way it does not sounds good.

The bad news however, is that the lawsuit was filed 10 years ago.  This means it took 10 years to get the word out that exposing coffee beans to high temperatures is unhealthy.

I have already heard this before from numerous health “nuts”.  They all basically say the same thing – that cooking destroys the nutrient content of your food and the higher temperature you use the worse the food gets.  We have heard of the studies published in the early aughts that charred and well-done meat contains a cancer-causing chemical, again – generated from the high temperatures, but I still see people ordering their steak or burger well done.

Some may say, “but John, what about E. Coli?” and I respond – if you are scared your meat may have E. Coli, you should not be eating it in the first place, you should only be eating clean meat that was raised in as much of a humane way as possible, and that meat will almost certainly have a lower incidence of E. Coli.

Now for some anecdotal evidence.  Do you have any friends that drink cold brew coffee only? If so, ask them why.  Do you also have any friends that if they drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach say to you that their stomach hurts because they have acid-reflux disease? Well, I got news for you, acid-reflux is not a disease, it is a reaction of your body to too much acid and other toxic stuff being introduced in to your body.

So what should you do? Stick to cold brew…

Coffee causes cancer, I thought you knew. Starting from tomorrow, drink some cold brew!

Good Cooking Oil vs. Bad Cooking Oil

As a big fan of Dr. Cate Shanahan, I frequently check her book “Deep Nutrition” and her website whenever I want to check whether something is good or bad, and today I was reading about cooking Chinese Food and I checked her site.

So Peanut Oil and Sesame Oil are both okay to eat!

Here is a link to a beautiful infographic:

List of Good Fats and Oils versus Bad

For those wondering, my favorite Chinese dish is Ma Po Tofu and it is my dream to learn how to make this myself completely from scratch without using a single preservative or otherwise “bad” ingredient, and I am currently reading this article about it –

Ma Po Tofu in Chinese: 麻婆豆腐

(I tried zooming in and drawing these characters today, it was fun)


Processed Food Causes Cancer? Duh….

According to the Daily Mail, processed foods are driving up rates of cancer.

Okay, do we really need a study to come to this conclusion?

Well, yes we do, and let me explain why.

When you go to the airport, wait in line for TSA screening, they always post signs saying what is prohibited, and I always laugh when I see the signs saying “no bombs” or “no guns” allowed on the airplane.  The reason is that some people genuinely do not know or realize that you should not carry those items with you on the airplane.  This is what is called the “failures” of the public schooling system.  See, these people genuinely do not know because they never saw the news on television or read a newspaper…etc.  The other reason of course, is that if somebody is carrying a bomb, believe it or not, when they see that sign they will sometimes inadvertently confess to carrying a bomb in a freudian slip sort of way.

Another reason that we need an article like this is because most people are followers, regrettably.  They will only do something if everybody else or the “in crowd” is doing it.  So by the media reporting this article it makes it seem that the “in crowd” is no longer doing it and they will want to follow the crowd to feel that they are a part of something.

Anyway, I am glad that this study has come out and the results have made it to the headlines, because people do have to realize that processed foods are bad for you.  It doesn’t matter how little “sodium” the food has or how much protein it has, how “organic” or “non-GMO” it is. If it has been processed it is most definitely bad for you.  Most of this food is so processed, that bacteria and insects will not touch it.  There must be a reason for this…

Take that Big Agra!

In closing, here is some Organic Poetry:

If a roach won’t eat it, neither should you.

But if John would eat it, so should you Reports About Sugar Lobbying Since the 1960’s…

Lobbyists shouldn’t even be an issue. Any honest politician – regardless of their party – should not be influenced by anybody other than the people they represent. In other words, any good politician will tell the lobbyist to get out of their office because his constituents will re-elect him regardless of whatever propaganda the lobbyist puts out against them.

I like to tell people that they shouldn’t complain at all about the government and how the lobbying and “special interests” are ruining everything for us. This goes on of course at all levels of government, from the Federal, State and Local levels. It is neither “the Democrats”, nor “the Republicans” or insert 3rd party of your choice. It is they, that we elect by either voting for them directly, or by not voting at all that gives the power to corruptible individuals that make it into office who succumb to the lobbyists on a routine basis.

So several years after Dr. Robert Lustig published his research on Sugar, including how Sugar, namely the refined kind is not only bad for you and causes obesity, but toxic when eaten at any level, the mainstream media has decided to do some research of its own. This includes Bloomberg News, which posted an article sometime in October of 2016 showing how the Sugar Lobby through its influence in the government via Lobbying and research grants was able to get Americans to start eating a low fat, high sugar diet.

Here is the article for you to read (behind a paywall now):

You can also see a similar article on

If you are in a rush, just read the first 2 paragraphs, if not, read the whole thing, and after reading it, head over to the Institute for Responsible Nutrition here:, and see what they have to say about Sugar and its effects on your health.

Then I want you to ask yourself the following questions:
* Does Scientific Research only fund researchers who produce the desired results?
* Are Scientific studies that do not conform with the desired outcome criticized any differently than studies that do not produce the results they were being searched for?
* How many people have died of heart disease as a result of this?
* How many people struggle with obesity due to this?

Anyway, I close with a quote from Plato:

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
― Plato
(courtesy of

Organic Vodka and Organic Gin

I was recently at Butcher Bar in Astoria and noticed two USDA Certified Organic brands of alcohol:

  • Farmers Gin
  • Crop Vodka

The Farmers Gin was great, I recommend you check out their website here:

Crop Vodka has many flavors, and I only tasted a shot of the Cucumber flavored one.  It was in my opinion and taste, better than the Farmers Gin.  I didn’t get a chance to taste the others, but the Cucumber Vodka really was great.  Check out their website here:

And don’t forget, that most of what gives you a hangover from drinking are the extra cheap ingredients that Distillers add to make their products cheaper, look better, and sweeter.  Ever drink homemade wine or moonshine? Every time I do I notice that I don’t wake up with a hangover… Just saying

Honorable mention: The Botanist –  They may not have an organic certification, but they may be working on getting one.  Either way, check out some of the above the next time you want a drink!

Slow Juicing – Review of Omega 8006

So I saw the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, and the sequel “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2”. Long story short it convinced me that I should go out and buy a juicer. After a few searches, I was faced with a dilemma, too many juicers, with too many prices points and features to choose from. After some research I ended up buying the Omega 8006 which retail’s at $300 (USD) dollars. I was lucky and happened to have a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I paid only $240 for it. I have had it for about 4 weeks now and it has become a permanent fixture in my kitchen. I have also lost around 10 pounds. Most of it is I am sure “water weight” but still, I have made progress. Additionally, I have not been juice fasting in a way that one would call perfect. Morale of the story? You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to not give up.

There are 2 general categories of Juicers – Centrifugal vs Masticating

Advantages and Distadvantages of Masticating

  • real quiet, won’t wake anybody up
  • more nutrients
  • more pulp, smoother pulp, no small bits and pieces
  • can’t juice certain types of food
  • can’t make bullet proof coffee – the butter gets stuck at the tip of the Auger
  • smaller, but more expensive
  • make nut juices
  • crush wheat grass
  • slow use
  • have to cut up veggies smaller so they fit down the tube
  • grind coffee
  • left-over pulp is very dry

Advantages and Distadvantages of Centrifugal

  • loud, really loud
  • more oxidation of juice resulting in less nutrients
  • fast
  • a little more clean up
  • bigger machine, takes up more counter space
  • can juice an entire apple at a time
  • fast use

What I have used it for so far:

Bought a bunch of veggies from the market, spent about 15-30 minutes on many mornings juicing the following:

  • celery – have to cut it up into small pieces about 1 to 4 inches long, otherwise the auger gets clogged
  • apples
  • beets – real good result, just peel them and cut them real small
  • radish, turnips
  • lettuce – a little hard to wash and cut into small pieces to throw in there
  • cabbage – not that hard
  • I ground coffee once and this was the only time I clogged

What I Do Differently

I use unrefined Salt.

I am sure you have heard the conventional wisdom that salt is bad for you, salt is this, salt is that, salt causes high blood pressure…etc  But there is a big difference between salt, sea salt, and unrefined salt. I read a book and saw a documentary about unrefined salt. Well, it was more of a doctor taking a selfie video than a corporate funded documentary.  Long story short he convinced me that salt is bad, but not unrefined salt, which is more of a collection of nutrients and minerals versus your regular table salt which is just pure NaCl.

So while I am juicing, I put a couple of rocks of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, or Black Hawaiian Salt, and now I feel full after drinking not an entire juice, but just a little. It has to be the salt, which enhances nutrient absorption, and as a result the flavor. As for fear about unrefined salt not containing iodine, I have been eating more Kelp, and as for the fear of salt leading to high blood pressure, I’ll get back to you the next time I go to the doctor.

If you are still scared of eating more salt, think of this, do you remember what they said about cholesterol being the cause of heart attacks? How milk does a body good, margarine is better than butter? Low fat diets are good for you? Ha… I now take everything I read/hear with a grain of salt. No, a grain of unrefined salt.

– Visit Dr. Brownstein’s page here to read more about the health benefits of salt

My Review of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2

So I end up working from home a few weeks ago, and I brought up my Evernote to see what notes I could clean out. As I was doing so I saw an old note that said “Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. I bring up Netflix, and both that film and it’s sequel are available to stream! I start the first one and let it play in the background while I start to work. As a computer programmer aka developer aka “engineer”, I have the luxury of being able to work and to get things done while I have a movie, music or an audiobook playing in the background.

The movie starts off with the premise of making a change in one’s life. Joe Cross, the director and main character starts the film being overweight and with some painful skin condition that requires a sizable dose of daily medication. He decides to do what he later coins a “Reboot” where he is going to eat nothing every day except for juices made from vegetables. He goes to the doctor before starting this juice-fast and gets his blood drawn to make sure he can go ahead with this experiment. As the movie progresses he travels the United States and meets random people and tells them what he is doing and encourages them to try a sip of his veggie juice. One of the people he encounters is a very obese trucker named Phil Staples, who happens to have the same skin condition which is afflicting Joe Cross. Phil takes down Joe’s contact information and tells him that “one day” he will try juicing. Long story short, Joe finishes his juice fast, which lasted 60 days, loses a lot of weight, has his skin condition go away, which also resulted in him being able to stop taking medication and goes back to Australia. Then one day he gets a phone call from Phil who says he wants to try this juice fast, and then the movie gets interesting… I don’t want to say any more because I do not want to spoil the movie for anyone. But to make a long story short, can an average guy make a change in his life?

Joe Cross is a very determined individual who stuck to his plan and has managed to keep his weight off after the movie, but can you do the same? Can I do the same? Well, if you read the “About Me” on this website, you will know that I used to weight 237 pounds, most of which was fat, and now I weigh 195 pounds and a lot that weight is muscle now when compared to before. How did I make this change? Well, I changed my diet one step at a time, and after looking back after many years, I see that I have a completely new set of habits, as well as an entirely new body. I am not on any medication, so I am “lucky” in that sense, but I tend to believe Obiwan Kenobi when he says “In my experience there is no such thing as luck.”

Anyway, if you go to the film’s website, you can watch both movies for free, I do recommend you do so because they are two great films that document how someone with a chronic medical condition that is deemed incurable by Big Pharma was able to get off of his medication. It makes you wonder, will Big Pharma fund any research on how doing a juice fast will make you lose weight or to heal yourself? Well, we know the answer… Of course not!

After you watch both films, which are now free to stream on, come back to my website and read my review on the Omega 8006 juicer and see why I opted for that juicer over the other ones which I found online. Now don’t get me wrong, a Breville juicer was used in the film and if you want to support Breville, you should at the very least take a look at some of their juicers, but the Omega 8006 had some features that were better for me which may not necessarily be what you are looking for.

Anyway, until we meet again, watch these two films!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Movie Poster

Eat Meat Once a Week… or Twice

Back in the day, in the United States of America, meat was produced the way it is supposed to be. That is with cows grazing in the fields, chickens poking their beaks in the mud, scratching the dirt, eating a pebble or two from time to time. This process resulted in high-quality meat, at high-quality prices. Ever hear the expression that nothing worth working for or fighting for is easy? Because it is true.

Now things have changed, and meat is mass-produced, cows no longer graze in the fields, chickens – although they may be labeled “cage-free” – are still living neck-in-neck with other chickens. Pigs can barely move in their pens. This is the result of big corporations making profit their number one priority, not quality and this also brings us very cheap meat. As a result, now we can afford to eat meat everyday, and what is the result? We are the sickest nation in the world.

Now go back to “back in the day” and tell me what was different? Meat was more expensive, a lot more expensive, so people just ate meat less frequently, and people were healthier, people were thinner, people were happier. That is because the human body was not made to eat meat every single day, it was made to eat meat once per week. Oh, and don’t forget the best part, the meat tasted good! You didn’t have to load it up with a bunch of sauces just so you could eat.

So switch to a plant-based diet, eat less meat, not no meat, but less and higher quality meat. If this sounds hard to you, that is because it is worth it. You will stop straining your stomach, if you have acid-reflux, obesity, or feel lethargic all the time, your body will start to heal itself and those problems will start to fade away. With all the money that you save, use it to buy higher quality meat. I like telling my friends the following analogy:

If you had Rolls Royce car, whenever you stopped at a gas station would you put the cheapest gas in the tank? Whenever you had to change the oil, would you put the cheapest oil in?

The answer is no… so your body is the equivalent of a Rolls Royce, so please tell me, why are you putting the cheapest meat in your body?

See the following infographic courtesy of Positive Health Wellness

Positive Health Wellness

The Warrior Diet/Intermittent Fasting

The Intermittent Fasting Diet says to eat whatever you want (healthy stuff of course) during any 8-hour window during each day. The Warrior Diet slightly modifies this and asks that you move this window to as late in the day as possible.

I have been following (or trying to follow) a combination of both of these diets for the past 4 months. When I wake up in the morning, I take some fresh squeezed lemon juice – about 1 ounce, then about 8 ounces or more of warm water, and I drink it with a straw. Lately I have also been adding some cayenne pepper. You can substitute the cayenne pepper with any herb or root vegetable juice that is good for your digestive system such as horseradish, ginger, peppermint oil, or mint. Sometimes I will add some Pink Himalayan Sea Salt into the mix as well. Not a lot of salt, but just a twist or two from the salt grinder. Then I go to work or go about my day. I will then eat my first meal at 1pm or later. Then after I get home from work or the gym, I will try to eat again as soon as possible. Then the next time I eat will be the next day. Do I feel hungry at all? No, never. In fact you are never supposed to “feel hungry,” your body is sending you signals for a reason whenever it is thirsty or hungry.

Many will say that they cannot “function” unless they have breakfast. I often reply to these people that what you eat at breakfast is not broken down by your digestive system and absorbed into your body for at least a couple of hours. Additionally, when your stomach is empty, your body does not take resources from the rest of your body which is what you need to function well, whether it be at your job, in school, or whatever else you are doing that day. During this time, your organs are also using these “idle cycles” to cleanse and detox itself. For example, your liver is busy all day long cleaning out junk from dirty food which you eat, when your liver is overwhelmed, it stores a lot of this junk or toxins. But when your liver is not busy dealing with a new supply of junk, it starts cleaning out the old junk. Same thing goes with other organs.

Anyway, I have noticed that ever since I stopped eating breakfast, I have been more awake and able to do a lot of things more effectively than before I started this diet. Of course, I have also lost some belly fat, which is also good… so do some reading and check these diets out.

SpeakIt! – Google Chrome Extension for Text-to-Speech

I have done some searching and testing, and there is a good Google Chrome Extension for Text-to-Speech (TTS) processing.  This one has a few cool voices (US Male English, UK Male English) and an nice interface.  Just select some text and click on the button which is added to the top right of your toolbar!